We want to see everyone eat healthier and we want your experience with Madison Meats to be a positive one. We want repeat customers. If you have not cooked grass fed beef you should be aware that it is much more lean than what you have been buying at the grocery store. Turn down the heat and cook it a little longer. Our steaks and ground beef have far less fat than you are use to. As fat cooks it sizzles and cooks tissue around it. Since our beef has less fat you will need to adjust your routine/recipes on steaks, meatloaf, and possibly even burgers. Steaks should have a little olive oil on them. If your preference is rare or medium rare you should allow steaks to come to room temperature before cooking.

If you are cooking on the grill make sure coals are totally gray and the vents (both intake and exit) are turned way down. If your grill is adjustable keep beef as far above the fire as possible. Steaks should be turned over more frequently.

If you are broiling your steaks in the oven be sure rack is at least 2 levels below broiler, 3 would be even better.

If cooking in a skillet heat should be at least one notch below medium. Around 7 minutes per side will produce medium rare on most gas ranges. You will have to adjust to your equipment.

Note that rare or medium rare is possible with all these methods. Use a meat thermometer to test doneness. Allow to rest for 10-15 minutes after removing from heat.

Most recipes for roasts are usually at lower temperatures or in crock pots. All of the ones we have tried cooked exactly as the recipe called for. If you are cooking a roast that is to be served rare or medium rare you would probably need to turn down heat and extend cooking time. The results should be a tender/juicy beef.

Grass fed beef



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Ground Beef