Deposit 1 share

$100.00 USD

We are pleased to announce that our ground beef is now available in approx. 1 pound packages at Healthway Nutrition Center in Ridgeland, MS.

Deposit 6 shares

$600.00 USD

Deposit 7 shares

$700.00 USD

Our beef is sold in shares prior to processing. A share will range from 23-25 lbs. The beef will be USDA inspected, aged, vacuum packed according to cut, labeled and frozen. Each share will include a variety of roasts, steaks (T-bone, ribeye and sirloin) and ground beef. Soup bones, liver and ribs are also available on request. The price for a single share is $215 (old fashion large paper grocery bag of beef). Three or more shares to one pick up or delivery location and paid for by one individual are $200 a share and will remain separated for easy splitting so pool your orders with friends/family to take advantage of this volume discount. There is a $100/share deposit required on all full shares. You may request a full share of ground beef. All orders must be picked up or delivered in MS (no exceptions) with the balance to be paid in full upon delivery or pick up. We can deliver to a fairly large area of MS or can arrange pick up in the Jackson metropolitan area. If you have delivery questions use the contact button at top of page.

Due to demand we are now adding a 1/2 share of ground beef for those of you with little freezer space. This 1/2 share will be 12 packages of ground beef, approximately 1lb each. Price is $110. Deposit of $50 required, use 1/2 share button below. Delivery on 1/2 share needs to be a place we go regularly or for pick up in the Jackson metropolitan area. Call or email us with questions.

We have received inquiries for orders of a 1/2 cow, which is approximately 6 1/2 to 8 shares. We will not know until processing has begun. A deposit of 7 shares is required. Additional butcher fees may apply for special cuts or tenderizing. E-mail or call us for details. Beef will be cut to your specifications if you order a half cow or more.

We accept cash, checks, debit cards and all major credit cards. For ordering, pick up or delivery questions please contact us.


Deposit 4 shares

$400.00 USD

Deposit 5 shares

$500.00 USD

Deposit 2 shares 

$200.00 USD

Deposit 1/2 G Beef

$50.00 USD

Grass fed beef


Deposit 3 shares

$300.00 USD

Our preferred beef is Angus. The cattle are rotated on grassy plots, or "paddocks".

As the seasons change, so do the varieties of grasses that are planted on the various paddocks to ensure plentiful, sustainable nutrition for the cattle. This process is referred to as rotational grazing.

Our producers constantly evaluate and frequently rotate the cattle. The contact between our producers and the cattle results in a very low stress beef product. The cattle are treated very humanely throughout the entire process.



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